About Me

Hi, I'm Samantha! I am a sweet, genuine, ultra soft-skinned American girl. I have killer curves underneath my charming face and disposition. I am a grad student here in the city and a part-time yoga instructor. I like to be pushed both intellectually and physically, and expect the same from you. Perfectionism is in my nature and I do everything 100%, which includes making sure you leave with a smile and thinking about me for days. I am a positive person with contagious energy. I want our time together to be both stimulating and relaxing, and to be able to make a deeper connection. Let's not be bothered by the real world during our time together, let's make our escape. I love escapism, adventure, intellectual intrigue, and light fun. I believe that my background is one that you can relate to and understand. I hope that you too, enjoy being unrestricted and free in this aspect of your life.